The Beach Boys from a beach gig

This was a gig on the beach, that’s why the boy on the right has no shoes. I was in a very cartoony mode thanks to Keelan and Kenny’s inspiration around me. I will share a couple pics from the gig more on another post. The Super Mom I posted was from the same gig. Fun, Fun, Fun! Praise God, I love my job!!



Posting and a SuperGirl er SuperMOM!

With the move to wordpress, I am able to “prepost” blog postings so that I am more capable of managing my blog and post a Monday, Wednesday and Friday post like I tried to do at my previous blog. This way when I have time I may do a week or 2 worth of post on one day and they will take care of themselves. That sooo rocks!!

Thanks for listening and here is a gig image as a visual reward.