Tuesday Post (should have been Monday)

Well I knew it would be ambitious to post Monday Wednesday and Friday, so this one is late and I have to be quick.

The story behind this one is We have a gig coming up that I will be on where we make people as M&M’s! How cool is that?!?! M&M has a website where you can make an M&M: http://www.becomeanmm.com . Anyway this is one of me and I did some photoshoppery, including trying to make me a bit bigger than the other ones are (since I am).

Have a great one!


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Post (should have been Monday)

  1. I don’t have that much height on you.

    With this M&M though most of the height is in the legs, unlike real life where most of mine is in my shell, er, my body..

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