I will be at Baltimore Comicon this weekend Sept. 8 & 9. And I will have a sketchbook for sale, come by and see me!

Keelan (the main Lunar Donut dude) gave me this rockin’ cover Idea!



7 thoughts on “SketchBook

  1. Mr. Tucker, I just wanted to thank you again for the awesome piece you drew for us at the Baltimore Comic-Con. I’ve posted it in my sketchbook. It was great meeting you, and thanks again!

  2. Glad you liked it Keelan, your cover idea really made it better! Thanks again!

    It was great to meet you too RR (with your MR. Fantastic, Chris) and as you can see I put up my photos of your piece here, including the black and white version before color!

  3. Ted, will you be at Reno for the NCN con? If so I must buy your book!! If not we shall see you in early April 2008 as we will be in town for a vacation and we muct show Wendy around Minneola, hoep to change her mind about moving there with you guy’s!!!!! MISS YOU GUY’S…

  4. STEVE!!!

    Thanks for stopping by! Sorry I will not be at Reno, it falls to close to my anniversary and some other things are making not viable for me this time. I will save a sketchbook for you for when you come. I look forward to seeing you both! Do you know exact dates? I want to see if Michael McElroy will be home (or can arrange to be), he would probably like to see you as well!

    Minneola and the Tuckers say hi!!

  5. Ted, we arrive March 29th 2008 and stay until April 10th! We shall try to arrange a day when we can all hang out in Minneola together! Yay!

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