Friday Post

Here is a live picture I did the other day. He had a great sense of humor and said he was always getting caricatures done!

He did not mind me taking his photo, he says that people do that all the time!

Got to run, work to do (as you could probably tell from me missing a Wed. post altogether, grrr).


Tuesday Post (should have been Monday)

Well I knew it would be ambitious to post Monday Wednesday and Friday, so this one is late and I have to be quick.

The story behind this one is We have a gig coming up that I will be on where we make people as M&M’s! How cool is that?!?! M&M has a website where you can make an M&M: . Anyway this is one of me and I did some photoshoppery, including trying to make me a bit bigger than the other ones are (since I am).

Have a great one!

Friday Late Post:My Church

All work I do is to God’s glory because I can do none of this without him.

Well I have been blessed to be able to design the logo for the church I attend, and this is of their business card that I did also.

If you go to our church website, which I helped put together with Pastor Nikki and click on the news page you will see a comic that I did, and I will be changing it probably every quarter, starting next month. I have 2 more done and one more thought up.

Check it out!

Friday Sketch

From my sketchbook, but was not in the one I sold at Baltimore. May be in the next one I do!!

I will with this try do a Mon., Wed., Friday posting. Ambitious I know, and it may not be much of a post, when I do, but I will try!!

Baltimore was awesome and I will post about that on Monday!!

Have a great weekend!!


I will be at Baltimore Comicon this weekend Sept. 8 & 9. And I will have a sketchbook for sale, come by and see me!

Keelan (the main Lunar Donut dude) gave me this rockin’ cover Idea!